Connect Epson Projector To Laptop Via Wireless

Epson is among the most popular and leading manufacturers in the business of projectors and electronic devices generally. With the development of the massive screens and the rising popularity of its usage, We’ll be addressing a variety of commonly asked questions today, such as the following: What is the best way to connect epson projector to laptop via wireless?

Contrary to what many believe, the connection of the Epson projector with your laptop can be pretty straightforward. All you need be doing is to go through the instructions carefully. It is possible to set up this connection in just 10 minutes as well.

Epson projectors are available in different forms, namely projectors designed for work and for use at home. The image quality is the most crucial difference between both. This gives the projectors designed for work a head start. Their setups are typically similar.

Below are some steps for connecting your Epson Projector wirelessly to your computer.

Convert LAN Module to Projector

The first thing is to change the Local Area Network module to the projector. But first, ensure your LAN module is in place. If it’s not connected, attach the module via the USB Port A on the projector. Make sure your laptop is on before switching off your Epson projector.

To turn on your Epson projector into operation, plug your power cable into an outlet and plug another end of the cord into the closest power outlet. If the projector’s light changes to orange, this indicates that the projector has been powered.

Make use of this remote controller to turn it on. As the projector heats up, the light will turn green.

Press the LAN button of the projector’s remote control and confirm the display of SSID and IP addresses. Take out the LAN module from the projector.

Set Up Wireless Connection & Software on Laptop

Place your Quick Wireless Connection USB key in the same port that the network module is removed. A message will be show on screen that indicates the network information update is completed. Click OK, then take the key off, insert the LAN module into the projector and then plug your USB keys into your laptop’s USB ports on your computer.

An array of the available wireless networks will be displayed on your laptop screen. Choose the name of the projector. If you don’t see a message, It’s because you didn’t complete the initial step right. Switch off and switch on the projector and start the process.

Get this East MP network software on your PC.

Connect the Projector

In particular Windows laptops, users could encounter you will see the AutoPlay window. Choose the .exe file from the program that you downloaded, and select Allow to proceed for you to launch the software.

There could also be Windows Firewall messages on your PC. Choose “Yes” to turn off the firewall on the application software. It could take a few minutes to show the image(s) you’ve got stored on your PC. After completing your presentations, you must take away your USB keys from your notebook with care. Choose”Safely Remove Hardware” or the “Safely Removing Hardware” option on the taskbar to take it off.

Common Issues

Most users aren’t able to figure it out the first time when setting the projectors. There are issues to be faced, like images not showing correctly on the projector’s screen or power not turning on.

If the image doesn’t show when you project it onto the screen, you’ll be able to fix the problem with the help of the search function on the remote. If power isn’t coming on, ensure that you have inserted the card correctly. Also, make sure that there is damage to the electrical outlet.

If no light is shining into the lens, you must check if the lens is completely protected.


As you can see from the clear instructions above, connecting your projector to the computer wirelessly is not too tricky due to the team that put together this tutorial on connecting an Epson projector to the laptop. It’s easier than ever before to project your presentations on larger screens.

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