How To Connect Android To Projector?

The projector can be the most efficient and convenient option since it provides a more outstanding display than a TVand provides an array of flexibility and convenience. You can take projectors everywhere and anywhere with much comfort compared to television.

Therefore, how do you link an Android phone to projectors for your upcoming project or media players? There are two choices for wireless and cable connections. All you need are the proper adapter cables, preferably of the USB-C or MHL variety. For the latter, make sure to verify that your projector is intelligent.

Connect An Android Device To A Projector With The Help Of A Cable

This is your best option if you don’t have access to an internet-connected wireless network or the bright projector you need. A smartphone running Android has enough ports to directly connect cables without the need for adapters. So, you’ll need an adapter such as USB-C MHL and the VGA for HDMI combination to ensure a smooth connection.

 Many don’t know what to do when connecting an Android smartphone to a VGA projector because it is not very popular. However, it’s a breeze if you have the correct adapter. We recommend Morehead HDMI for VGA and BENFEI USB-C VGA adapters if your device is equipped with the required port.

Connecting Via USB-C To HDMI Cable

This is how to connect an Android smartphone or tablet using the help of a charging cable. HDMI refers to High Definition Media Interface, and almost all projectors have a built-in HDMI port. Although it is not a standard feature, some Android phones have an HDMI mini-port that requires a mini-HDMI cable.

The only disadvantage is that your phone cannot be charged to use the USB-C to HDMI link. Other wired connections allow users to charge their phones while it is connected.

Connect An Android Device To A Projector Wirelessly

Although it poses its own problems, such as issues with latency or slowdown. It’s difficult to ignore the “lack of wires.” This could be the best option if you own ceiling-mounted projectors, as you do not have to worry about managing cables.

The following describes how to wirelessly connect an Android phone to a projector:

Connecting Via Wi-Fi Direct

If you are connected to reliable Wi-Fi, then it is possible to connect an Android phone or tablet directly to the projector. The projector should have Wi-Fi direct support and stream your screen using the steps below. Remember that the process will vary depending on the Android operating system of your tablet or smartphone.

First, navigate to Settings on the smartphone. Click on Connections or Network or Internet. Click Wi-Fi to open the Wi-Fi menu, then enable it. In the menu, choose Wi-Fi Direct. Before accessing the Wi-Fi Direct Menu on some gadgets, you may have to choose Advanced or Wi-Fi Preferences.

Your device or smartphone will scan automatically for devices that use Wi-Fi direct, and if you find your Projector’s Network, connect it and follow the steps to connect.

Connection Via Manufacturer’s Apps

Projectors in the modern era are capable of intelligence. Leading producers like LG, Samsung, and Panasonic have added video streaming to their TVs and projectors. You can look up your projector’s model on your manufacturer’s website to determine if the model supports wireless or video streaming mirroring.

If the projector permits the connection of other devices, you can find a suitable app on the Google Play Store. It is possible that you won’t be in a position to project your entire screen using the apps, but they’ll let you project static images as well as documents.

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