How To Watch TV on Projector without Cable Box?

The movies are spectacular on a massive screen with HD and surround. But, you didn’t purchase an LCD projector to watch the film. You’d like to stream live sporting events, shows, and mind-blowing nature documentaries, with the same quality. You may be curious about how to stream TV without a cable box using a projector. With the Internet and an array of options and devices, you can enjoy your projector and watch your favorite TV show.

We’ll present to you various solutions that use technologies and services for streaming that can let you out of the limitations.

How to Watch TV on Projector without a Cable Box

Before we get you in the fray, we’ll need to discuss a few points that are essential to watching television without the use of having a box. These points are:


The equipment we will demonstrate in this guide requires projectors with an HDMI port. There are adapters for a video that allows you to use HDMI devices with projects that do not have HDMI ports, but you’ll end up compromising your experience.

If you cannot do HDMI, ensure your computer has a DVI connection. HDMI or DVI is the purest digital signal, which offers you the best image, no matter what you use to display your content.

Fast Internet Access

Fast internet access is essential if you don’t really want a cable box in your home. Some networks can be received using an antenna. However, you’ll be using an online streaming service to receive all the content you receive from a cable company.

If you decide on your internet connection’s speed, we suggest at least 25 megabytes (MB) or more. Once you have a quicker connection to the Internet, live TV streams are significantly better. To eliminate low-quality streaming and continuous buffering, speeds of 50 MB or more are worth the cost.

Wi-Fi vs. Wired

It is possible to connect any devices you have to the Internet using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi-enabled router. In general wired connections are preferred because it’s more stable and has better transmission rates than Wi-Fi. But, it also means you’ll require more wires to wired devices.

Wi-Fi is a better alternative that doesn’t require the installation of devices on the ceiling. You don’t have to purchase extra-long cables to connect your player with your projection. When you use a Wi-Fi network, ensure it has the most minor line of sight to your projector to prevent connection issues.

Let’s Go to the Streaming

After completing your setup, you are ready to start watching your favorite TV shows using your screen. In this section, we’ll examine devices that can stream content from cable and services that offer all the entertainment you want.


The variety of devices that support streaming content is nearly inexhaustible. But streaming content does not mean it’s suitable for your home theatre. The best equipment will connect directly to the projector without needing adapters.

Our Top Direct Connect Option

Here are some of our top direct connect options which you can use to watch TV on a projector without a cable box.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a simple tool that allows you to stream information from your smartphone or tablet effectively to your projection screen. The Chromecast transforms your phone into an interactive remote that lets users browse and choose contents before it is broadcast onto the projector’s screen. It requires an HDMI-capable projector to run the Chromecast.

Roku Streaming Stick

The streaming stick from Roku is a miniature version of their entertainment systems for homes. It connects directly to the sensor’s HDMI port. It can download your preferred streaming applications.

Amazon Firestick

Some other connector device that is portable and easy to use is the fire stick. Connect it to your HDMI port, and you will be able to access the vast collection of streaming applications that put the TV in your hands.

Apple TV

Apple TV is more substantial than the other options and will need a particular framework. But, it’s compact enough to not cause problems with mounting. It is connected to Apple’s app store and is sure to provide the service you’re looking for streaming live television. Apple TV uses an HDMI connection, just like the other choices.

Your Home PC

Making use of your PC as a streaming machine is the best choice. Most live streaming providers have websites connected to the service, and some streaming providers don’t offer apps for all platforms. The drawback of using your computer is that you probably require a larger connection cable. The benefit is that you will have more excellent connectivity options than those other streamers.


As with gadgets, you will discover an abundance of companies streaming content. To simplify things, we will list only a few. The options’ availability is contingent upon the region and the country.


Hulu has established an excellent foundation to provide the most popular TV shows daily after airing on live television. Recently, they’ve introduced Live streaming, which eliminates waiting and allows viewers to watch live sports.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue Looks and feels similar to your cable TV; however, you’re using your tablet, laptop, computer, gaming system, and so on. to watch various sports and TV shows that are life. They also provide DVR and on-demand features to stream your favorite shows when they aren’t available live.

Sling TV

Comparable to PlayStation Vue, Sling TV offers a broader selection of streams. The basic service doesn’t provide DVR as well as demand; however, it is available in a few of their channels.

YouTube TV

This venerable video company’s brand-new live streaming server is called YouTube TV. Utilizing the platform, people who are already familiar with the service. You can easily switch from the most recent news and sports or even that video that your brother texted you with the promise to make you laugh until you cry.

It Is Your Cable Television Provider

Unafraid of being outdone by the Internet, Your satellite or cable provider may have a feature to stream channels via apps or on their websites. You can utilize your computer or tablet and any of the above devices to stream live television channels. You might have an old cable box in the house; however, at the very least, you don’t have to plug it into your projector.

Final Step

With all the information we’ve given today, you’re prepared to watch all the top cable programming on your projector without having to devote yourself entirely exclusively to your box. Get outside and take advantage of the newest content options.

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