How To Mount A Projector Without Drilling?

Projectors are nowadays a regular feature in modern-day homes. There is no longer a time when projection equipment was only used in business meetings, or we use them at churches for blessings.

Nowadays, many homes have a theatre in their home with projectors required to be placed due to the limitations of going out to view a movie.

In an older house, many don’t want drilling holes in their walls, especially when they live in a rented home. Therefore, to solve this challenge, they’re constantly looking for instructions on installing an LCD projector without drilling?

Yes! Many people have been looking for ways to install projectors without drilling ceilings or walls on the internet. After lots of study and testing, we’ve come up with some ideas and a way to establish your projector without drilling holes in the wall.

How To Mount A Projector Without Drilling?

Some projectors do not even come with an installation setup. This makes it a challenge to choose a projector that can be mounted.

Additionally, deciding the best location to place the device without damaging property is a different job. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of other methods to mount an electronic projector without drilling in the area you reside.

Everyone is not a fan of a bit of screen experience in their home when watching their favorite films or web series in the event of an outbreak. Everyone wants to experience a cinema and would like to experience the experience of an IMAX without having to pay for the theater.

Different ways to Mount a Projector Screen without Drilling?

Here are some different ways you can use to mount a projector screen without drilling.

Use Projector Screen Stand

The most secure way to set up the projector screen is using a stand already made for projectors.

These stands are made to support a screen or projector without drilling. Thus there is no other idea for mounting that is as convincing and appealing as this.

The projector screen stands can be found in a variety of designs. However, most screen stands for projectors don’t require drilling or technical expertise.

Because all screen stands for projectors will require you to mount the project differently, study the user’s guide, and set up the projector by it.

Hanging Strips

A versatile and affordable tool that can stick or fasten a range of things to the ceiling is hanging strips.

While the hanging strips work best for hanging paintings, pictures, and mirrors on walls. They can be cost-effective temporary solutions for screens on projectors too.

To hang the screen with hanging strips, you must locate an area that has not been cleaned with any cleaning products that are household-based.

Cleanse the area with ruby alcohol, then unpack and cut the strips into two pieces, connect one of them to the wall, press for around 30 seconds, and let it rest for about an hour before removing the place.

Brick Clamps

Brick walls with industrial style respond best to concrete block clamps. Thus, this may be the best alternative if the projector screen has to be attached to a brick wall.

Brick clamps are as cost-effective, quick, and efficient a method to mount a screen or projector.

To install the projector with brick clamps, you’re advised to determine the thickness of the mortar and the brick clamps that will align with the plans.

Make sure to hang the brick clamps according to the instructions that come with the clamps. The brick clamps may not be the same, and, as such, an exact procedure cannot be recommended.

Cork Wall

Cork Wall is a little higher priced than many ideas on this list. But it’s gratifying in every sense.

The Cork wall will provide your screen with an unsecured and secure sitting spot and warmth and elegance to your living space.

To install an LCD projector in this manner, it is necessary to attach the cork wall with adhesive liquid.

Make sure you measure your projector’s measurements and mark the points on the cork according to them. Install the nails and screws, and then safely mount your screen.

Floor Standing(legs or easel)

If you don’t have the technical expertise or the necessary equipment to hang the screen, it is required to purchase a floor-standing unit or a slatted leg or an easel; both are suitable.

This technique uses less area than other strategies is its only disadvantage.

If you’re considering legs, all you have to do is be able to alter the bolt to place the screen in the correct location.

If you’re planning to go to an easel(which is also a great idea), you will have to alter the frame to provide your project’s screen a secure space to stay.

Where To Mount Projector Screen?

If a projector is not mounted correctly, it could hinder you from having the ability to fully enjoy your leisure time. So, it is essential to locate the ideal location to put your screen.

First, be aware of areas where lighting will impact the visual quality. Additionally, it is advised to keep the screen away from the hallway as there could be many interruptions from family members.

We recommend you put the screen directly opposite your couch and provide an unobstructed view from all corners within the area.

Things To Know Before Mounting Projector Screen

This article discusses some of the most effective ways to mount your screen without drilling holes or damaging the wall. In all of them, you need to find the best and ideal solution to solve your issue that works properly. Since choosing the wrong choice could be hazardous for your wall and screen.

However, when you plan to install your projector with these methods on the wall, ensure that the wall conditions are adequate to support a projector screen. If the wall is fragile and old, it could result in an accident, and there’s always the possibility of it breaking at the end of the day.

Apart from the wall’s condition, make sure to take into consideration the size and weight before making any decisions. Because the majority of the choices listed above do not permit you to alter the screen after it has been mounted.

If you’re looking to stay clear of any risk, using a projector screen stand could be your most secure choice. If you’re not tech-savvy or don’t wish to experience any difficulties, you should consider hiring a professional to complete the task for you.


Installing a screen for a projector by drilling holes in the ceiling or wall is the most secure and easy method. But, installing a projector screen without drilling holes or damaging the border is difficult.

However, many choices are available to assist you in mounting the screen with no drilling. The best ways to establish your display were explained in the article above. Some are informative, while others are safer and more secure too.

The choice of which solution best suits your requirements is entirely up to you, the user. Therefore, select the solution that will best help you resolve your problem. Beware of the state of your wall before making any choice.

If you think you cannot complete the task yourself or don’t want to undergo any technical procedure, seek a specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Also Mount The Projector Screen Without Drilling Hole?

Yes, you can put up the screen without drilling a hole using the projector screen stand and hanging strips and hooks for adhesive.

How can I suspend my screen temporarily?

You can hang the projector using hooks, adhesive tapes, and other hangers to keep it stable for a particular duration.

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