How To Make a Projector Quieter?

A noisy projector is an issue for many home theatre lovers and can degrade the enjoyment of entertaining movies. Projectors come with a fan and moveable parts, which means they’re bound to create noise.

However, this shouldn’t hinder an enjoyable viewing experience. Therefore, we offer some ideas to make your projector quieter.

If the instructions are as intended, we can expect favorable outcomes.

What Types Of Noise Can A Projector Make?

There are two kinds of noise. The first is operating noise, which is the sound generated by the cooling fan in the interior that helps keep the projection system cool. The other type is mechanical noise generated by mechanical parts moving within the projector.

Reasons Why a Projector is Noisy?

Projectors are connected to produce sound. They are noisy while they work. This can happen because they’re not set to the quietest model. To lessen the sound, you must turn it up by changing the setting.

However, another reason your projector could begin sounding a snore. It could create some noise even if you’ve turned it down to work at a low level.

It happens due to dust accumulating on the lens or for a different reason. Projectors emit noise which can be considered irritating.

These reasons may be cause for this:

  1. The fan: If it’s not functioning properly, it could start making noises that sound like screeching or whistling even if you do not notice any other objects in the vicinity. The more intense the sound is, the more problems there are with the fan.
  2. The lamp may be making a sound. The lamp inside your projector could be the source of most noise problems. It could vibrate in a specific way or make a grinding sound when you switch it off and back on.
  3. There could be something wrong with the cooling system of your device. This can happen due to the accumulation of dust within it, which prevents proper airflow within it.
  4. The lens might be moving a bit every time you turn the projector on and off (which creates a slight clicking or clacking sound), or your projector is experiencing issues with its sensor for rotation which is why the lens is constantly switching on and off even when you’re not making use of it (which results in strange noises that are constantly occurring).
  5. When it is no dampening substances within the cabinets, making them sound louder than they otherwise would be.

How to Make Projector Quieter?

Avoid interruptions and constant noise to relax and enjoy a peaceful movie-watching experience.

The moving parts and the projector’s fan create loud sounds, often more than the required levels.

The ability to reduce noise can be achieved to create a smooth viewing experience. Take these steps to lessen the sound of the projector.

1. Lower Refresh Rate in Computer Settings

The speed of refresh measured in hertz should be reduced to ensure that projectors are not required to work hard to show an image.

If your system is configured to show 120 pictures in seconds, decrease the speed to 60 pictures per second.

The ideal frequency of the refresh should be between 40 to 60 hertz, which will lessen the noise.

If the refresh rate were half that, the computer wouldn’t be at a higher effort to create the image.

2. Clean Projector Vents

The projector’s fan draws air into the interior of the projector cool when it is running. Cleaning the projector’s exterior isn’t enough; dust accumulated inside the vents must also be removed.

Dust particles block vents through which air flows. Use the aid of a vacuum cleaner or toothbrush to get rid of the dust that has accumulated in the vents.

When the projector makes an excessive amount of noise, make sure you check the vents first. Following a thorough cleaning, the sound will be reduced significantly.

3. Display in ECO Mode

In Eco mode, the projector won’t have the same brightness as normally. Eco mode lowers brightness and causes the engine to reduce speed to stop it from becoming hot and making a loud sound.

The fan’s work is less, so it produces less noise.

4. Check the DBA rating.

The sound level of the projector is dependent on its models. Certain present models are built to incorporate multiple noise reduction technology to help make them quieter.

The DBA levels should always be compared and double-checked. Even a ten dBA variance will amount to twice the volume.

5. Keep the Projector At a Distance

The projector’s location and maintaining it at a distance will reduce the noise.

Simply put, the greater distance from the projector is, the quieter it becomes. The noise level is decreased by six dBA when you double the distance.

Other Things Which You Can Do To Make Your Projector Quiet

Clean the Projector Lens

A dirty lens could cause your device to stop showing light as it would normally, causing it to overheat and cause excessive noise. Also, a dirty lens could reduce your projector’s Lumen output, which can dim the picture.

Cleaning your projector’s lens, ensure you employ a soft microfiber towel and a non-abrasive lens cleanser. Spray the cleaner on the cloth and then wipe your lens, making sure to wipe in the same direction.

You could also utilize a can or bottle of air compressed to blast out dust before wiping the lens.

Be cautious when using compressed air as it’s extremely hazardous to burn. Ensure your projector is shut off, unplugged, and cooled before using compressed air. The can should be about 18 cm (or 7 inches) away from the lens and let out small air sprays.

A mistake in cleaning your lens could result in tiny micro-abrasions on the glass, resulting in a lower Lumen output and a greater chance of overheating.

Carpet on the wall

The hard wall reflects sound; carpets absorb sound. Ensure that sound doesn’t get scattered around, reflected, or thrown around. Glue the carpet to the wall to ensure that sound is absorbed into the carpet.

This rule does not apply to areas such as offices and conference rooms.

Tips For Choosing A Quiet Projector

Projectors are equipped with moving parts and fans. They are also guaranteed to create noise. But does this hinder the enjoyment of enjoying a relaxing viewing experience? It is not an issue if you and your family plan to enjoy a film in a theatre and cannot hear the sound.

However, if the sound can make it difficult for you to enjoy the experience fully, here are some suggestions to assist you in selecting the quieter model. Find out the noise ratings of the prior projector purchase. It is also important to look at the features available on the projector. For instance, projectors with integrated DLP remove more background noise than those that do not have this feature.


We hope you liked our post on How to Make Your Projector quieter. The most efficient method for making your projector quieter is to decrease its brightness. This will reduce the intensity of lamps that display the picture.

Also, you can include noise-canceling headphones on the projector. A reduction in projection noise is possible using this technique. It is also possible to use an audio generator to create an audio signal that blocks unwanted sound.

Thank you so much for reading this article, i hope you like it and it may help you in solving your problem. Take care.

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