How To Calculate Projector Through Distance?

The ratio of throw or projector is a straightforward formula that lets us calculate the image’s width or throw distance even though we already know the measurements.

The resolution will also depend upon the ratio of throws. The image may pixelate if you’re too close or away from the screen. In addition, do not exceed the throw ratio recommended by the projector.

What Is The Projector Throw Ratio?

A throw ratio refers to the dimension of the image we project from a specific distance. It’s also the relationship between distance and the size of the projection picture.

The distance between the throw and the projected image’s dimensions depends on the lenses. If you expand the distance between the screen and lens, the size of the image will also grow.

Why Is The Throw Ratio Important?

When I lived in the hotel, it was not enough space for high-end long throw projectors such as JVC NX7 and SONY VPL models. However, I didn’t realize that. I purchased NX7, which had a high throw, but its throw didn’t allow me to create an ideal image because there was not much space between the projector’s screen and the projector.

A roommate of mine taught me to calculate the projector’s throw ratio before buying any model. Since then, I’ve exclusively used short throw or ultra-short model projectors.

It is vital to understand the throw ratio. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a cramped space. This is particularly essential for a home theatre.

How To Calculate Throw Ratio?

There is a formula to calculate the ratio of the throw. It can be used by even beginners to identify.

Distance (in/ft.)/width of the screen (in/ft.)

The screen’s size is used to split the distance. In the case of 9.8 feet. While the screen’s width is 6.56 feet. Then, based upon the abovementioned formula, it will result in the 1.49 throw ratio.

9.8ft/6.56ft = 1.49 throw ratio

Uses For Short Throw And Ultrashort Projectors

There are a few instances where short-throw/ultra-short projectors are required. These are the situations:

  • Conferencing rooms that are tightly packed
  • Small theatres for home entertainment
  • Presentations
  • Churches
  • Classrooms (Small)

In your purchasing guidelines, we’ve analyzed the top small throw and super throw projectors for outdoor gaming and movies. Check these out for more understanding.

Projector Throw Ratio Calculation Tool

You can alter the image’s dimensions if your projector comes with an optical zoom lens. However, the distance remains the same. Each lens is unique; therefore, you will require an online calculator for projection.

We utilize the EPSON Throw Distance Calculator to get precise results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine the screen size I’ll need to project my projector?

There are various ways to calculate screen size. The most crucial factor will be the space between the projector’s screen and your projection. It is also essential to be aware of how wide your screen is (the wide-to-height proportion). When you’ve got those two details, you can apply simple formulas to calculate the size and width of your projector screen.

Which aspect ratio is my projector?

Your aspect ratio for your projector is its width-to-height ratio. The most popular dimensions are 16:9 and 4/3. It is typically discovered in the specifications or manual if you’re unsure about which aspect ratio your camera has.

What’s the ratio for a typical projector screen?

Projector displays have a standard aspect ratio of 16:9. It’s also HDTVs’ most popular aspect ratio. If you’re unsure what aspect ratio you require, 16:9 is an excellent choice for a default.

What’s the distinction between a 4:1 aspect ratio and a 16/9 one?

An aspect ratio of 4:3 is commonly used on older standard-definition televisions. An aspect ratio of 16:9 is the norm for HDTVs and many modern projectors. The primary distinction between them is that a 4-to-3 screen is shorter and broader, but a 16:9 screen is longer and wider.

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